Development Services
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VC&A provides construction management and inspection services for the construction of residential and commercial/industrial development projects.  Our Staff is comprised of a unique blend of professionals with experience as project managers, public works inspectors, material testers, construction foreman and superintendents, development managers, office and resident engineers.  With our depth and breadth of experience, we are uniquely qualified for large master planned projects and small infill developments.  Services include field inspection and quality control, SWPPP inspection and compliance, submittal review and coordination with utility operators during service testing and connection.  Since time is a factor in the cost to the developer and the future revenue to our client, VC&A takes a proactive teambuilding approach to these tasks and emphasizes problem solving in our day to day activities.  This approach provides a collaborative environment that expedites the project, saving the developer money and bringing revenue to our client sooner.
VC&A understands the connection to the entitlement phase and provides verification of compliance with Development Agreement and Conditions of Approval as requested. VC&A provides surety to our clients through daily inspection and monitoring of the contractor's workmanship, means and methods of construction and materials provided to construct the proposed infrastructure and improvements as shown on the contract plans. 
VC&A’s strong public works experience allows us to also provide full service construction management and inspection of CFD and offsite infrastructure projects related to private development.  These projects often include specialized construction techniques or complicated utility realignment and connections.  VC&A’s staff has extensive experience in the typical mainline utility and roadway tasks, including traffic control, paving and utility connection.  We also have expertise in boring, welding, live utility operation and coordination, SCADA, traffic signals, lime/cement treatment and CLSM backfill. 
VC&A recognizes that funding segregation is a significant task for our clients.  To address this, we provide task specific billing by plan-set or Final Map within our master agreement.  This allows us to isolate projects with different funding sources while providing coordinated inspection and project management to ensure that all agency needs are met within one contract structure.


Project Experience includes:

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Inspection and Material Testing
    • Master Plan, Greenfield, Brownfield and infill development
    • Commercial development
    • Industrial development
    • Backbone Infrastructure
    • Plant expansions
    • Lift Stations, Pressure Stations and Tanks
    • SCADA
    • Street lights and signals
    • Bridges and tunnels
    • Jack and Bore/directional drilling
    • Landscape and hardscape
    • Parks and Recreational facilities
  • Warranty Inspections
  • Coordination with Utility operators and providers
  • Joint inspection with the Building Department
  • Utility Plant Assessment and Evaluation
  • Landscape Construction
  • Relocation of Utilities